APWA Membership Enhancements

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May 292012

Below is an email correspondence from Peter B. King, Exeuctive Director of the APWA:

April 25, 2012

Dear APWA Member:

RE: Enhancements to Your Membership Benefits

I am pleased to announce a change that provides all APWA members with a significant increase in the value of APWA membership. Beginning July 1, 2012, all APWA (and CPWA) members will be able to:

  • participate in live Click, Listen & Learn presentations* without a registration fee;

  • access previously recorded Click, Listen & Learn presentations* at no extra charge;

  • access content from past International Public Works Congress & Exposition sessions at no extra charge;

  • read downloadable versions of select books from the APWA Store at no extra charge;

  • view select podcasts (mini-webinars) at no extra charge; and

  • track CEU/PDH credits without an administrative recording fee.

This benefit enhancement is a key that unlocks training and information with an estimated value of more than US$15,000—including new live programs each year and more than 100 on-demand programs—for every member on a 24/7 basis. Using the resources in our new online library, APWA members will be able to download or stream programs and set their own schedules for individual or group training sessions. When taking advantage of live online programs, members will no longer have the hassle of getting approvals, writing purchase orders, or cutting checks to APWA—the programs will be part of each member’s benefit package. And as an additional benefit, we are eliminating the fees for processing and tracking CEU and PDH credits for members who want or need them.

Cost Impact and Savings

To finance this new benefit, the APWA Board of Directors approved a dues increase of US$15 per member (excluding student and retired members) beginning with the July 1, 2012, membership renewals. Members renewing between July 1, 2012, and June 30, 2013, will see the dues change upon renewal, but will have access to all membership benefits effective July 1, 2012. While we understand that this increase may seem substantial initially, many groups and individuals will actually see reductions in overall annual cost because we are eliminating registration/purchase fees for these specific programs. For example, the cost to participate in just one Click, Listen & Learn program in a year has been $175 for members ($300 for nonmembers) but now it’s included with membership. For smaller groups—or individuals—this slight increase has the potential of opening up new training opportunities they might not ordinarily be able to fit into their budgets.

In general, associations are formed and joined because a group’s particular goals can be accomplished more efficiently, effectively, and economically in association rather than independently. With that in mind, the APWA Board of Directors made this decision as a necessary means of replacing a revenue stream and expanding our level of service to our members by providing a universal benefit. We believe that this benefit will make a multitude of new training options possible for individuals and smaller agencies at an extremely modest price, and it will allow larger agencies to maintain and increase their training options and reallocate dollars they might usually spend on APWA programs and resources.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact David Dancy at or 800-848-2792 ext. 5250, or Patty Mahan at or 800-848-2792 ext. 5256.


Peter B. King
Executive Director

* – APWA Study Guides are not included in the newly-enhanced member benefits.

MicroPAVER Field Inspector 1.0

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May 242012

PAVER Field Inspector™ is the new PAVER™ companion software that takes advantage of GIS/ GPS state of the art technology as well as innovative graphics to facilitate pavement inspection using handheld computer tablets.

The program allows the user to identify his location on a pavement network map displayed on his/her tablet computer.  As the user clicks on the section to be inspected, the program already knows all the section information and the user is ready for immediate data entry.  As the user is entering pavement distress data, the PCI is being calculated and displayed to the inspector in real time and the program has built significant data entry validation tools to identify errors before they are recorded.

When inspecting concrete pavement, the program allows the user to generate graphics of the individual concrete panels (slabs) and record identified distresses on each slab.  These graphics are stored with the inspection and can be viewed later.  When inspection is completed, the program generates an error free XML file for import into PAVER.

The program has wide applications especially for agencies with more than one  evaluation team where each team is assigned to inspect different parts of the airfield and the data are later imported into the main copy of PAVER™.

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