About Us


Vanderhawk Consulting LLC specializes in asset management primarily within the civil engineering industry but also within other industries with a need to inventory, track and manage assets.  The types of assets we have helped manage includes:

  • Pavements (asphalt concrete and Portland Cement Concrete)
  • Curb/gutter and sidewalks (trip/fall hazards)
  • Pedestrian ramps
  • Traffic signs and signals
  • Drainage systems (culverts, pipes, inlets, etc.)
  • Telecom systems (conduit, vaults, wiring, etc.)
  • Coastal systems (lagoons, beach sand, access points, facilities)
  • Wildlife

Our services generally include data collection, analysis, reporting, and technical consultation.  Specific services include pavement management, infrastructure management, walkability analysis, ADA compliance, trip/fall risk management, coastal management, and wildlife management.  We also have strategic partnerships with experts in other related fields that we can bring into the fold on any particular project.  Check out our Services page for more detail or contact us if you have additional questions.