Jan 312011

Pedestrian Ramp to Nowhere

Many may have heard the common “bridge to nowhere” phrase.  Well this is an ongoing catalog of pedestrian ramps (often incorrectly called wheelchair ramps here in the States) that are not fully connected to other pedestrian infrastructure.  One can’t complain when funds are allocated for important pedestrian infrastructure.  However, leaving things incomplete doesn’t do much for encouraging pedestrian travel and improving safety – especially for those with wheelchairs, walkers, or other physical impairment(s).

There are a number of reasons why only pedestrian ramps, and no adjoining sidewalk or other pedestrian infrastructure, are/were installed.  Sometimes even the ramps themselves have been left incomplete.  Most reasons revolve around cost or the fact that certain communities or portions of communities were developed a long time ago.  It’s encouraging that more and more public agencies are realizing the many benefits of walking and biking and are changing the way they design new communities and improve existing ones…especially in these challenging economic times.

We’ll be adding more photos as we go and we welcome viewers to submit their own photos of problematic pedestrian ramps to the email address listed on our Contact page.